The New Zealand

Shetland Pony Breeders' Society (Inc.)

Nevaeh Shetland Pony Stud

Fiona & Simon McLachlan

165 Howsons Road, Cust, RD 5, Rangiora 7475

Tel: 03 312 5998


We purchased our first Shetland Pony, a gelding - Glentare Grasshopper, in 2005 as a paddock companion for my Partbred Arab. It soon became pretty obvious that they had polar opposite dietary requirements and Cotswold Chelsea Sunshine soon followed as the new paddock companion to the “original paddock companion”.

The Nevaeh Stud (which is heaven spelt backwards) was established in 2006 pending the arrival of our first foal out of Cotswold Chelsea Sunshine. Unfortunately our first and second attempts at breeding were unsuccessful and our breeding plans were put on hold indefinitely. During this time several more ponies (and horses!) have joined our family: stallions - Cotswold Royal Ensign (owned in partnership with Stoney Croft Stud) & Shelyron Napoleon; mares - Shelyron Blueberry, Noble Heights Breac Moon (owned in partnership with Burravoe Stud),  Shelyron Aimer & Stoney Croft Brenna Rose; and geldings - Cotswold Harris Tweed, Cotswold Harlequin and Shelyron Tayberry. 


We are expecting two foals this season. 


Cotswold Harlequin # 711NZ

Shelyron Blueberry # 631NZ

Summer Ponies

Cotswold Royal Ensign # 378NZ

Alex helping with the feeding out

Glentare Grasshopper # 413NZ