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The New Zealand

Shetland Pony Breeders' Society (Inc.)


Foal names are subject to approval by the NZSPBS on receipt of a formal Application for Registration by 31st July. Foals are listed by date of birth

Members are invited to submit Foal photographs - email details & high resolution JPEG photos to: Website Co-ordinator

Foals to be shown must have a Foal Name Pre-Approval Certificate.

Cotswold Anthem ( name pending) colt.

Born: 6/11/21

Sire: Yeo Lodge Tennessee Top Notch 981NZ

Dam: Cotswold Athena 469NZ

Duncree Troubadour: (Pending) Chestnut Colt.

Born: 22/12/21

Sire: Llewellyn Moritz 423NZ.

Dam: Cotwold Bonnie Doon 516NZ

Cotswold ( unnamed) filly

Born: 3/11/21

Sire: Cotswold Andross 860NZ

Dam: Cotswold Posey 902NZ