The New Zealand

Shetland Pony Breeders' Society (Inc.)

Foals 2020/21 

Foal names are subject to approval by the NZSPBS on receipt of a formal Application for Registration by 31 July 2018.  Foals are listed by date of birth

Members are invited to submit Foal photographs - email details & high resolution JPEG photos to: Website Co-ordinator

Foals to be shown must have a Foal Name Pre-Approval Certificate.

Double H Blue Cameo (pending):
Piebald Filly.
Date of Birth: 15th October 2020.
Sire: Domino Downs Gaiano (Imp Aus) 750NZ.
Dam: Murrayfield Hemoine 1036NZ.

Cotswold (yet to be named):
Chestnut Filly. 
Date of Birth: 19/10/20.
Sire: Domino Downs Gaiano 750NZ
Dam: Murrayfield Half a Moment 712NZ

Our first foal for the season, another beautiful baby for Moment.


Lael Dandelion (pending):
Skewbald Colt.
Date of Birth: 21st October 2020.
Sire:  Lael St Nicholas 884NZ.
Dam: Rose-Eyre Hollyhock 288NZ.

A real friendly fella.

Cotswold (yet to be named):
Skewbald Filly.

Date of Birth: 28/10/20.
Sire: Cotswold Andross 860NZ.
Dam: Heatherlea Freeda 798NZ.

An interesting colour filly.

Cotswold (yet to be named):
Chestnut Colt.

Date of Birth: 29/10/20.
Sire: Domino Downs Gaiano 750NZ.
Dam: Cotswold Alanis 935NZ.

Lovely friendly foal just like his dam.

Duncree Hickory Harlowe (name pending)

Black Filly.

Date of Birth: 17/11/2020.

Dam: Llewellyn Holly 291NZ.

Sire: Duncree Eclipse 486NZ.